Massive Passive Sunday with Robyn Thompson AUGUST 6, 2017

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Advanced Wealth Building Strategies with Robyn All Day Sunday!


Our motto is to ask and you shall receive! This is one of the reasons we love having Robyn Thompson back at Millionaire Possibilities because we asked and YOU will receive.

Awhile back a couple of our Millionaire Possibilities REIA members asked me how they could get some more time with Robyn Thompson, the “Queen of Rehab”, when she comes to MP to really pick her brain at a much deeper level on how she has built a Massive Passive bunch of keeper properties.

They wanted a detailed road map to follow step by step so I thought what the heck let me see if she has anything like that and would she be willing to share some advanced strategies.

Ask and you shall receive!  She graciously agreed to come back and is offering to show us in detail exactly how she built a Massive Buy and Hold Portfolio.

Robyn is going to spend all day Sunday teaching us how to build a Massive Portfolio of keeper properties that will crank passive income for your retirement.

Please make sure you register early because Robyn is bring a workbook for each attendees and I need to give her a head count on how many so she can have them printed before she leaves Florida.

Don’t miss this action-packed meeting with Robyn Sunday August 6th!

Robyn Thompson


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